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American Lifestyle Homes LLC

American Lifestyle Homes LLC was founded by Bruce McGuire in Spring of 2019. Having been in construction since a young age working through the summers in New England. Once he graduated, he followed his calling to serve in the United States Marine Corps. While in service, he reached the rank of Sergeant at the age of 23; but after sustaining injuries that forced him to be medically retired, he returned home, and a small construction company with his brothers called Brothers Contracting LLC. Landing private contracts and contracts for companies like the one he now owns as a sub-contractor. Mr. McGuire knew at some point he wanted to expand to become a Development and Building company. Being able to build homes and develop communities is where his aspirations and sights were set. He knew he could build homes and communities that were made to last.

When the recession hit, he like most lost everything. Trying to hold on, and continuing to sacrifice, he was struggling with his injuries from his time in the service. It came to a point where his injuries were requiring serious medical attention. When Mr. McGuire had to close his doors, and seek the medical attention needed, he did not stop moving forward to goal.

During his recovery, he took the opportunity to enroll into college, to continue his education. Choosing to major in business, he received degrees in Business Management, and also in Supply and Logistics. After college, knowing his passion was in construction; he applied to work for a national company, where Mr. McGuire started out as a temporary hire. Working in that position for a short time, he was hired fulltime as an assistant superintendent.  Setting his sights on moving up in the company; he learned everything he could to reach the next level. Within a years’ time, he was promoted to Superintendent and running projects.

Becoming someone to count on, the company saw that he was able to help show others how to run efficient projects, and the ability to take projects in trouble and get them back on track and budget. With his drive of going out on his own and taking his knowledge, resources, and experience with him. he decided to leave the company. He endured and worked through the hurdles, obstacles and challenges and created American Lifestyle Homes LLC.

Mr. McGuire and American Lifestyle Homes LLC is now producing and building a highly efficient home that help save money to the customers. Setting and creating the new standard of building homes. From the first-time buyer to the empty nester, every home is and will always be built with the same practices to ensure that quality, passion, and care is in every home. It does not matter if the home cost 150,000.00, to a million-dollar home; every home is some families million dollar home and everyone deserves the same quality, the lowest maintenance, efficiency, mindfulness to the health of the families, buying a new home. All while striving to ensure the best return on their investment, saving money through the years living in a home built by American Lifestyle Homes LLC.

From the Owner: 

It is my Mission to create a buying experience and home that is enjoyable all the way through. I know every home that is built by my company, is built with quality, passion, and care. I want all of you to have a home that is built to create memories and that will last generations. I strive to stay on the for front of new technology, partnering with companies that keep the newest products in your new home. Making sure every home that is built by American Lifestyle Homes LLC, is a home I would personally want myself and my family to live in. Thank you for looking into a new home Built my the ALH team.


Bruce McGuire

American Lifestyle Homes, LLC.

Building superior homes and setting new standards by putting passion, care, and quality in every home. We want to make the home buying seamless as possible.